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Right Stripe Media LLC was officially formed in 2010 when Clint Ross, an independent filmmaker and graduate student of the Savannah College of Art and Design partnered with historian and author Michael Aubrecht.

Both principals had come together to co-write and produce the critically acclaimed documentary “The Angel of Marye’s Heights.” Following the success of this highly original and dramatic piece, Clint and Michael decided to combine their talents in order to better channel their wealth of knowledge and experience from the film and publishing world.

Ross’s dynamic visual style, combined with Aubrecht’s award-winning pen, create a complete experience that leaps off the big screen. Furthermore, Right Stripe works hard to prevent their films from ending when the credits roll.

With the latest technology available today, their documentary films become just one part of a dynamic multimedia experience. They complement their documentaries with a web site that includes expanded interviews, video clips, and other related material.

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